New User First Print Failed

Hi All:

I just purchased a new Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra printer, and the Elegoo Ceramic Grey water washable resin.

Followed the manual setup instructions / video, got the machine leveled, ran the screen test, and went to run a test print as per the manual from the supplied USB. I did NOT clean the printing vat, just removed the film on the bottom. I also removed the film from the build plate per the instructions. All leveling was done with the films removed per the manual.

The file name on the disk is Quick test model-standard

I believe this is a print of a lattice cube.

The print failed with the base printing and seemed to fail where the lattice cube attaches to the base.

Is this file sliced for standard resin that requires IPA to clean up? Do I have to re-slice an stl file for the Elegoo water washable resin?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.