Noob question: How to best set up my TwoTrees BLUE-5 Blauer Plus Printer in Ideamaker


Complete noob here. 1st 3D printer (TwoTrees BLUE-5) arriving in 48 hours.

I read the articles here on the printer review and on why Ideamaker is the slicer to use, but I’m not clear on how to BEST tell ideamaker about my printer. I downloaded the slicer profiles for this printer, but it seems like there is a more basic step.

Is “printer configuration wizard” the correct/best process? or is there another step or way to get a pre-configured Blauer Plus printer set up?

I have a feeling I’m overcomplicating this? :wink:

Open IdeaMaker and cancel the Configuration Wizzard

Click on the “Play” button on the left side, then click on More and finally Import.

Select the Artillery Genius PLA profile – 3DPrintBeginner.bin file previously downloaded.

In the Import Slicing Template screen, make sure you check the buttons like in the screenshot below then click OK.

If you followed the steps, now your IdeaMaker profile for Sidewinder X1 should be loaded and you can slice your first model.