Please help me find this setup tour video

Hi all,

When I first started to geather information, I came across a very nice youtube video with all kind of handy thing to setup a 3d print environment. Somehow I can’t find it anymore, after hours of searching.

I am sure some of you must have seen it or recognize it when I describe it. I really hope someone can help me out!

It was in a closet. He had put a metal frame shelve inside it. There was a 3d resin printer in the middle and regular 3d printer below. He printed all kind of handy thing that was attached to the inside of the closed. Like a paper tissue holder. Or clips where he can put a tray in to put pieces on to dry. Also clips to attach a trash bin to it. And in that way that if he closed the doors, they fit into the space of the closet.

Looking forward to someone recognizing this!

Maybe closet is not the right term, it was more like a wardrobe and unit shelves inside of it. With two doors, opening to left and right. On the right door there were the clips to attach the trays and the trash bin.