Print artefacts, need help pls

Hi guys,
I’m trying to fix artefacts with my resin prints but ran out of ideas, look at the attached picture and pls let me know what could be the culprit, edges are squashed like not enough material but there’s no residue in the wat after print, all the other parts of the object looks good including quality of the support so exposure time should be good, printer is Anycubic Photon Mono X, resin is Elegoo water washable smoky black but I also tested ABS-like resin with similar result, I’m using Lychee slicer with auto support and auto rotation enabled so very little adjustments on my side, printer has wham-bam flex plate installed, fep is still in decent quality but what is strange is that since I installed wham-bam I no longer hear that “pop” from the fep film, in any case artefacts are mainly happening on the side of the objects closer to the plate, setting of the printer also attached, light power is set to 80%
If it’s in the wrong section pls move it elsewhere.

thanks for your feedback

resin setting

That looks like an issue with orientation and how you support the model.

I would print that particular model standing up with no supports, or with partial supports underneath.

I recommend checking out some guides on how to support resin prints. Relying on the slicer to find the best position will often result in failures or bad prints.

Thanks for your feedback, I realised that orientation is not always right with Lychee and there is couple of articles and YT videos about that but due to fact I’m not doing any showcase items atm I don’t really care about visible staircase artefacts, on the other hand I thought Lychee is one of the best in terms of generated supports and very little is needed to adjust that, I’ll defo look into it and see if I can fix it by adjusting/adding supports
thanks again…