Print Quality of Rings (Jewelery)

Hi all,

Im new to here, and new to 3D printing.

For the last couple of years, i have been collecting tools and machinery for a jewelery business that i want to start up.

This includes a 3D printer. Entry level model - Breeser Raptor. If i can pring a ring, I can then use it as a model for casting.

My problem is that every ring i have tried to print comes out as a terrible quality print that cannot be used, yet the sample files that came with the printer print fine.

The ring prints come out looking nothing like the preview of the gcodes. I dont know dhere i am going wrong. Ive trird changing thd speed to 50% but to no avail.

Can anybody here point me in the right direction for successfull troubleshooting?

Thank you in advance! :blush: