Problem on first layer with Alfawise U30

  • Alfawise U30:
  • Cura:

I am a beginner in 3d printing with an Alfawise U30.

The printer is assembled and seems to work.

I have installed Cura to have Gcode files from stl files with the Alfawise U30 profile.

I tried to print little objects but I have always the same problem : the first layer is bad, no details appeared.

So, to have a reference, I got 3dBenchy stl file and generated a Gcode file with Cura.

And like the other tests, the first layer is bad.

And then, I wondered if maybe the problem can come from the way the way Gcode is generated.

So, I made a test with the 3dBenchy Gcode file delivered with the Alfawise U30.

But I had again the same problem : the first layer is bad.

I don’t know where is the problem and I don’t have much experience, so I want to ask you if you can help me with this.


What material are you printing with and what is the printing temperature ?