QIDI X-MAX 3 Review: Big Printer with Good Results

Originally published at: https://3dprintbeginner.com/qidi-x-max-3-review/

The QIDI X-Max 3 didn’t have an amazing launch, as there were some manufacturing and design issues that created problems which made the company stop the sale for a while. After a few months of additional work, QIDI managed to solve the issues they had and came back stronger than…

Hi, I saw that you used a Qidi Xmax 3 profile in Bambu Slicer. I am not seeing that profile. I see Creality / Voron / Ultimaker. Did you have to download something? Thanks!

I’ve been waiting for a Prusa XL for over a year, and they’ve confirmed I won’t see it this year. I have a project that needs a large surface >300mm^2 and high temp materials. X-Max3 seems like a better option and it’s available now. @3DPrintBeginner do you have any thoughts on the downsides of going with the X-Max3 over the XL (which does not yet have an exclosure, and is just slightly larger)?