Question About Modeling and Measurements Using Pictures

I and very new to 3d printing and have not attempted to print anything yet. As I progress and get established with it, I had a question that I thought of.
I want to print a console-fitted case for a car computer that fits into my Kia Sorento over the existing console that holds my stereo, air vents, some controls, the existing stereo head unit screen.
I wanted to ask here if there is a workable process to take a great picture, say with my Olympus E-10 Mark IV, and use it to determine the console features measurements? Aside from using an expensive hand-held lidar scanner?
I thought about this a lot. Take a picture, put an extended tape measure in the FOV, account for the lens distortions using the image meta data. But with what I want to do, I need millimeter accuracy.
I wanted to ask before I go after this. Usually, I just think up something, try it, maybe have success, and then find out later there was a better solution that was simpler, and cheaper.
Thanks for your time!!

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