Question about wire guage and number of wires for an upgrade to aan anycubic linear plus

  • anycubic kossel linear plus:
  • Cura:
  • Basic linear plus kossel with e3d v6 clone all metal extruder:
  • I am upgrading to a bigtree tech skr 1.4 from the original trigorilla ramps 1.4 board. The old board started messing up and just decided to upgrade to a 32 bit board. The original power supply used 2 positive and 2 negative wires both at 12v couldn’t tell the amps but the power supply is the original. The new board only has one voltage input so was just gonna replace the wires but not sure if I should use one set of terminals or two
    Also not sure of the guage I should use for the wires. I have awg 12 wire but don’t know if for safety I should get 10 guage instead. Any info would he helpful
  • What I tried: