Raft not sticking to bed

I’m new to 3D printing with a cheap easythreed K7 printer. I’m using CURA as a slicer and 1.75 Filament. I printed three models and then things went way wrong. I had a clog when switching from the supplied filament to aftermarket. Then my raft stopped adhering to the unheated bed. I’ve elevated the bed numerous times as shown in the instructions. I cleaned the pad using isopropyl alcohol, denatured alcohol, diluted dish soap and even electronic contact cleaner. Nothing works to get the plastic to stick. What am I doing wrong?

I am new to 3-D printing. I just got an Ender 3 S1 Pro as a gift, so I am very new to 3-D printing. I seem to be having a similar problem with the model sticking to the bed. I am using PLA nozzle temperature 200, bed temperature 60. It seems to do fine for a few layers, and then the layers that have been laid down start to move around with a nozzle. I am just trying to print the basic rabbit model that comes preloaded on the SD card. these are the first three tries.

My son and I are having the same issues. Did either of you find a solution? I’ve tried glue and that does not help with the base sticking.

I’ve tried everything. Elevated the bed countless times even though I have a self leveler. I’ve tried several glues and tape. Only thing that works is using a raft which wastes filament. I ordered a glass bed so hopefully that works