Raspberry Pi Alternatives for Klipper and OctoPrint

Originally published at: https://3dprintbeginner.com/raspberry-pi-alternatives/

Because of the chip shortage, it’s currently very hard to purchase a Raspberry Pi, without spending a lot more than they are actually worth. But considering that Klipper and OctoPrint can be run on almost any computer which is running Linux, there are quite a few alternatives out there. In…


Thank you for this article, it contains a lot of info needed now with the chip shortage around.
To run a printer, check out PIPO computers. These cheap units can run Linux and come with touch screens from 7" to 17". Some even come with integrated batteries so you can carry them from A to B while printing. They also have plenty of ports and the ones with 3GB RAM and upwards are quite powerful. Certainly an interesting Linux option, especially if you value the screen.

I love your guide on installing Octoprint on android devices, i would like to add klipper as well. Your article mentions a forthcoming guide for klipper, is that likely to be available soon?