Regarding your Kobra Plus review - Flawed

Read the whole review and was impressed until I saw how you were showcasing the 3D test prints that were certainly not the Kobra Plus’s fault and felt it’s gonna be giving a great machine a pass by someone looking for a printer. Inconsistent extrusion showing up on the external layers along with stringing/flaws are in direct correlation to your settings. Some of the easiest fixes to this is to tighten the filament feed from the extruder, or to make sure your z-offset was actually leveled properly. I’ve owned the Kobra Plus since release and I get flawless prints to the present… Probably the most consistent 3D printers for it’s price range. Just wanted to help/provide context to issues I’ve resolved in matter of minutes so maybe you can give the prints a go again after calibrating :slight_smile:

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I agree. But I can’t constantly fix printers to make them print well, then recommend this to a user. We can’t keep doing the job the company should do. When you pay for a printer, you pay for the hardware, software, support and QC.

Other companies can do better QC and deliver a working product. So I expect the same from such an expensive machine (compared to others in this price range).

This is what I got, so that’s what I reviewed.

Understandable but what printer doesn’t require some sort of out of the box calibration? I own Prusa, Monoprice, Formlabs, and obviously anycubic (few others), and every printer needs to be tuned out of the box. I totally understand where you’re coming from but if you look at any other reviews they didn’t have these issues and neither did I so only conclusion is your review is flawed, to say the Kobra Plus isn’t a good product for its price is ridiculous lol.

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I always tune slicer profiles for printers.

But as you can see, the printer was delivered with most of the v-slot wheels loose, a loose Y axis motor and probably a badly fitted PTFE tube.

And no, not every printer needs extra work out of the box. There are other companies that do a bit more QC.

There are much better alternatives than the Kobra Plus. But you don’t need to agree with me. :slight_smile:

That’s the easiest fix you can do, you use the supplied wrench to tighten and its done after you auto level it (literally says on the manual), you’re not making any sense. And yes all printers need a form of calibration/tuning out of the box, you think the extruder automatically tightens itself on its own, you think you don’t need to check the ring loop tension and then auto level/manual level it out of the box before making a perfect print? Lol…