Sherpa Mini Direct Drive Upgrade for FLSUN Super Racer

Originally published at: Sherpa Mini Direct Drive Upgrade For FLSUN Super Racer | 3D Print Beginner

I wanted to try out the Sherpa Mini extruder for a while now, so I installed it on the FLSUN Super Racer. In this article, I will show you how I upgraded my FLSUN Super Racer to Direct Drive, and how I tackled the Sherpa Mini installation. Why convert the…

Why are you using run_current: .850?
I ask because when i run this on my mini sherpa for the SR, it gets really hot.
I was reading somewhere that a current of .3 or .4 would be better?
i havent tested yet, i wanted to hear your thoughts first

Depends on the type of motor you have.
Find the exact part number written on it and do a search online.
I can’t remember the exact value used, but I did the same and found the value.