Sidewinder Klipper PID Tuning Issue

I have a Sidewinder x1 printer. I use klipper. I’m doing pid tuning, but the result is different from what I did with marlin. Although my first layer bed temperature is 60 degrees, it rises to 65 degrees. The print is taking too long to start. Do you encounter this issue? I am using ideamaker.

What are the PID values you are using right now?
You can manually tune each value to compensate.

Extruder> pid_kp = 18.859 pid_ki = 0.731 pid_kd = 121.641
Bed> pid_Kp=48.205 pid_Ki=0.336 pid_Kd=1729.965
I use smooth time=10 in both. Because in Default state, extruder gives pid tuning interrupted error. :confounded:

Try these values first, for the heated bed:

pid_Kp: 23.223
pid_Ki: 1.518
pid_Kd: 88.826

This might also help: Practical PID tuning guide