Sidewinder x2 clogged

  • 3D Printer Model: Sidewinder X2
  • Slicer: Prusa Slicer; Ultimaker Cura
  • Hardware Setup: Original
  • Problem description: Nozzle getting clogged and extruder starts to “drift”
  • What I tried: The printer started to get clogged and the extruder broke because it was plastic, it didnt push the filament. I decided to upgrade to metal extruder, volcano nozzle and bimetal heatbreak, it didnt work. I got new filament but the same happen (first 3DFILS ,second ELEGOO), i unclogged it but it keeps clogging after 2 minutes or so. I tried with the original parts but new ones, the same. Tried with different slicer but without success. What else can I try?
    Thank you!