Sidewinder X2, Ender 3 S1

Hi, I’m looking for a second printer. Currently I own an Anycubic Mega S, and need some advice. My current budget is max 400€ (less is better) and must be direct drive. Right now I’m between an Artillery Sidewinder X2 for 299€ or Ender 3 S1 for 315€.

I’m open to printers suggestions.

Will a core xy be better?

Core-XY would be better but would also be a bit more expensive.
What are you planning to print?

I design parts and sometimes I have to wait for one print to finish so I can print and test another part … a new printer will help with that.
The Ender 3 s1 seams pretty good out of the box with a lot of upgrades but the sidewinder has a bigger volume and if I put a 0.6 nozzle could help with the print time.
Do you think the prices are right or I can find cheaper ? which is the best machine for the money?

The prices are ok. There is no “best machine for the money” as they are different and suited for different needs. I recommend reading the X2 Review and the Ender 3 S1 Review to form an opinion.