Sidewinder x2 not flashing klipper

  • 3D Printer Model: sidewinder x2
  • Slicer: cura
  • Hardware Setup: stock sidewinder pi 3b
  • Problem description: Im attempting to install klipper on my sidewinder x2 with the ruby 1.2 board
    I opened up the bottom and installed the 3.3v jumper and got a good dfu mode address usinf lsusb command in putty. did the make menuconfig using the guide on here. but when i go to flash the board i end up getting a failure at the end saying something like dfu cant detach, and resetting usb back to runtime mode. after that the printer is no longer in dfu mode and the only way i can seem to get it back is to power cycle the printer.
    I am pretty new to klipper, but i do have it running on my ender 3 , so i have some experience… Im sure im just missing something simple…! Thanks in advance for the help!

I think ive got it! i was going through the comments section and found a response that seemed to work for me!
thanks to user mikedlc
for this info!