So i am a newbe to 3d printing,could use some help

got my printer ,was trying to get it set up ,ran through the small amount of filliment they sent and started on a fresh roll of pla.problem one every time i started a print with what was on sd card,they would never print right and would break loose from print i releveled the bed about a dozen times ,did the auto leveling,then tried to update i have a huge problem,my printer wont do crap now,i dont know if i messed up the firmware or what but it will start the upload process on the little screen and stops at 8 screen dont even have english words on it anymore,its all in chineese i believe.when i tap on the tools or settings the box will show up but it doesnt take me to solection.have i toasted my printer?
just in case i have i just ordered a creality ender 3 max neo becuase it has a bigger print surface.