Sovol SV01 Pro Review: Good, But Not Great

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I didn’t have the chance to review the original Sovol SV01, but from what I’ve read online, it was a pretty good 3D printer. This time, Sovol is trying to improve that printer with the launch of the Sovol SV01 Pro. The price point and hardware configuration are good, and…

Could you share the stl for your fan duct? I would appreciate it!

Here it is. But please note that it is not perfect.
I also glued it to the fan, to ensure it doesn’t fall.

Thank you. It has to be better than what they come with. When I have some time I’m going to design one the hits both sides and still offers so visibility to the print head. Should be fun.

I’ve just discovered this site while looking for SV01 Pro reviews, and I have to say I’m impressed. I was ready to order up an SV01, but I have some hesitation after reading the review. I was under the impression that a dual Z setup would be sufficient, but the review mentions the Z axis could be better. I’d also considered the Ender 3-S1, but have heard very poor things about Creality and may want to avoid them as a company.
Company aside, the 3-S1 is $430 via Amazon, and the SV01 Pro is $330. I’d likely add a PEI magnetic sheet to the SV01, so is $100 (PEI upgrade aside) really worth the jump to the 3-S1? I’d be curious for anyone to weigh in and help me pull the trigger on something.

I would recommend getting the SV01 Pro instead of the Ender 3 S1 only if you really need the extra printing volume and also want to support the company. Print quality was better for me with the Ender 3 S1.
You could also get the S1-Pro if the price difference is not huge, and you would benefit from the all-metal hotend and LED light.

I’ve looked at the Genius pro as well, but I understand that may require some upgrades down the road. My hesitation with Creality is the QC seems quite loose. I’ve got a serious case of analysis paralysis right now.

Other Creality printers, yeah. But the S1 is really nice.

Nice Review! Could you share the stl for the idler fix? I would appreciate it!

I modified the fan duct, I added a screw mount so it can be attached without glue. Thanks just wanted to contribute back.

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Could you share the spacer stl?

With a fan duct upgrade, and an idler that wasn’t defective, causing extrusion problems, would you expect to upgrade the ‘Print Quality’ score of this review?? I’m torn between this and the Kobra. Both have proprietary heatbreaks, but it looks like Sovol started selling a bimetal heatbreak for this on their site