Sovol SV05 - Cura 4.20.07 - Used Ender 05 Pro Profile - Trashed print bed

Alright gang, first time here. Noob, second printer. Firs “cube style” whereby the Z, raises and lowers, and the x/y move at the top of the gantry. Looked like a great printer for the price, still think so, but a couple things. One, the bed wouldn’t have raised into and slammed the print head, if there was an end stop microswitch to set for the Z, like a classic bed slinger. I have NO idea why this isn’t in place and it’s blown my mind. Two, the cube (x,y,z) as one of the print tests that is sliced and on the sd card, printed ok other than it stuck to the print bed and prior to, I guess I didn’t have the z offset correct, because that was the first collission when it poked a hole in the bed. It has the CR touch, for leveling, and that looks like it’s working right. However, I sliced a simple vase in Cura, utilizing the Ender 05 S1 Pro (whatever model is the same design, cube, build volume, etc…) and, the bed proceed to slam into the nozzle while it drug across it and essentially destroyed it. The fact that Sovol, released the printer, there aren’t ANY profiles out for Cura, or anything else for that matter makes me wonder, as well as again, why no endstop? Why did the bed leveling, which I would expect would set a “soft endstop” get over ridden by the sliced Gcode? Again these are assumptions on my part… I would like, to setup the version of Cura I have, running on Raspberry PI, to slice my prints. I don’t want to load another slicer (apparently sovol has one with an 05 profile?). And I don’t see why this should’ve turned out like it has. That said, can anyone help me sort this out before I lay down the new bed material and destroy it?

Signed, Flumoxed dude who knows little to no GCode and can’t figure out how slicer code would over-ride what should’ve been, the Zoffset and leveling points worked out on the printer…. That said, I still think the printer should have a microswitch I could adjust that would shut off the stepper prior to slamming it into the printhead. Any comments, would be welcome!