TT3ch Printer farm

And so it begins…


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So I got some Ikea Platsa cabinets, just to make things tidy. It needs extra shelves and doors, but those weren’t in stock. I’m printing some mounts so I can install the PSU on the back of the cabinets. That way the power cable routing is nicer and the PSU can be kept cooler.


Now about the KP3S. In all honesty, I don’t like their build quality, you really get what you pay for. Tinned wires instead of crimped, no bed insulation, a lot of loose screws. The wires going to the extruder are to tightly stapped next to X-stepper so the nozzle couldn’t even reach the end of the X-axis. So I designed and printed better mounts for it. There’s no filament guide. The fans are rattling and 1 of the PSU’s start screaming when the heaters turn on. 1 extruder I already had to disamble as I couldn’t put any filament thru and I found a piece of broken of filament wedged on top of the cooler.

However, despite of the above, they sure do produce some nice and steady quality.

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Looking good. Those shelves will allow you to also print ABS at some point.

Yes, at least 1 will get extra isolation so I can use it for ABS.

The printers live in the garage and it doesn’t freeze, but it can as low as 5C specially at night/morning. Today when starting the printers I got an error due to the heated beds not being able to start warming. The temp stayed low and after a couple of minutes there was an error.
So I’ve put an infrared heater in front of them and 10 minutes later I was able to start them up again. This is a small set back, as I didn’t calculated to do this. Its probably a setting in the hardware. But that will change when the PI zero’s will be available again and I’ll upgrade to klipper :wink:

1 Cabinet done 1 to go



That’s really cool :smiley:
Can’t wait to see them al in action.

I also like your personal climbing wall in the back, since I never saw someone had one at home.

perfect loops climb GIF

With 3D printed rocks :sweat_smile:

Done for now. 1 KP3S I’m setting aside for a special project :thinking:


Added an 150W IR lamp, insulation and an extra door to trap the inside air to be able to print ABS. After 20 minutes with the bed set at 100C the thermistor from the heat block reads 49°C!