Under extruding move from Marlin to Klipper

Hi, I am relatively new to 3d printing. I have an ender 3 v2 with an sprite pro extruder.

All works very well with Marlin and Octoprint. but like alot of people want to move to Klipper due to the possible speeds.

I have installed the firmware and done all the calibration steps. (i have done the extruder rotation calibration many times!) but all the prints are coming out terrible, I did the same print on the 2 different firmwares and the Klipper one was about half the weight.

In the slicer I have increased the flow rate to 200% and the quality of the prints are much better.

So the question is, what calibration step or setting should i be looking at within Klipper to solve this correctly and not use this slicer workaround?

Any help would be great/