Uneven print at one corner of the build plate

  • Creality CR-M4:
  • Creality Print (Cura fork):
  • Standard out-of-the-box-configuration. Placed on a stabilized table with a draft shelter around it:
  • Very rough print quality always in the same one corner of the build plate where the print also semi-detaches during printing operations.:
  • Dont know what to try. The machine has auto leveling so no screws to adjust beneath the build plate and the proper nozzle and build plate temperatures are being used with the generic white PLA test filament that came in the box with the printer.:

I have absolutely no clue whats causing this. The results are consistent between prints of the same model, which is a mirror mask for a telescope mirror, basically a ring with a 3 cm brim and is quite big. The print stretches almost all the way out to the edges of the build plate with is 450x450 mm. Three quadrants of the build plate prints perfectly fine with proper adhesion and nice smooth surface and details but in the last quadrant everything seem to get turned on its head.

Please assist if you can.