Vyper upgrade to Kliper

I have been running an Anycubic Vyper for just a bit over a year. It has been pretty good machine, running almost 24/7. I had read about Kliper, better prints, faster speed, generally a real good upgrade. I have been using Octiprint firmware, was a nice upgrade to stock. One reason I am looking to upgrade, Vyper #2 had a pretty big blow out. It had a clog, a bad clog, it blew the Bowden tube out of the extruder, then pushed 20 yards or so of filament through.

The nozzle sort of dripped, a little filament, mostly just stuck to the nozzle. Since I will have to get a new hot end, as this one is going to take a lot of effort to clean and put back in service, a complete unit is $20.00usd, add a bi-metal and ready for 300c printing.

Since I have to take it apart, get a PTFE tube, new hot end, I was going to go with a direct drive setup too. If I am going to go through that much, may as well just go all the way, get the new parts and upgrade firmware to Kliper and have a Super Vyper.

I have been shopping for the pieces and parts for the Kliper install, Berry Pie 4.0 4gb, screen, frame, cables, wire, power supplies. It looks like the Kliper upgrade will be around $200.00, As the machine is in a different room, I do need a screen next to the printer. That way I can watch the first couple layers, run the setup, calibration’s.

In the life of 3D printers, the Vyper is an old man. Would the money be well spent on installing Kliper? Would it be better spent on a new, bigger better printer that has Kliper?

I do understand the basic rules, cheap is not easy, easy is not cheap. I have been a DIY since before it was called DIY.


Dorky Doo