What is the problem with 3D printing?

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I’m a newbie, I wanted to make a 3D model I found on the internet, but it didn’t work. The heat tower test turned out very well. what’s the problem ?

Please, provide as much information as possible…

Otherwise I will not be able to help !

Okay, sorry, I’m translating with Google Translate. I just bought the 3D printer. He’s doing this for a reason I don’t know. The heat tower test is very good. The benchy model worked very well. In the ready-made models I downloaded, there are breaks in the filament while writing. I press at normal speed. At 220 degrees. The same problem occurs with the supports when printing different models.

I only did the benchy model and heat tower test. Is there any other calibration and testing I need to do?

What printer is it, what material are you printing with, what slicer are you using, what are your retraction distance and speed, what is your printing speed, where are you from…

Have a look at the filament tension screw.

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And yes, there are many tests you should do in order to properly calibrate your printer: