Which frame 3D printers do you choose?

High-speed 3D printers are all over Amazon and other online stores. The delta 3D printers have faster print speeds, with the Flsun T1’s print speed exceeding 1000mm/s. The CoreXY printers also boast quick print speeds of around 500mm/s. Many 3D printer brands have released Ccorexy printer models, including well-known names like Bambulab and Creality, as well as smaller outfits such as Twotrees and Kingroon. They’ve managed to keep the CoreXY printer prices down, with some costing as little as $350. The Flsun T1, on the other hand, carries a $599 price tag. The Kingroon KLP1 comes in at a more affordable $329.

For a high speed 3D printer, I would choose the CoreXY models from brands like Bambulab and Creality for their balance of speed and affordability.