Which printer prusa or bambu or other?

Hi. I am brand new to 3d printing (so new that i dont have a printer yet) so need some advice.

I want to keep my options open so would want a do it all type of printer.

I have a budget of around £1500 and know there are many printers that are available within this budget. I have been looking at 2 specific models at the top end of budget. A prusa mk4 with enclosure and mmu and the bambu x1 carbon.

The prusa has a well established pedigree and is essentially open source in terms of software and hardware. The bambu seems to be a better printer but is closed ecosystem and with a company of unknown longevity.

I would be interested in getting opinions on which might be the better option or if there are even better solutions.

I don’t think you need to spend that much, something like the Ender 3 V3 would be great. Because this will be your first printer, try to get one that is popular so if you have problems with it there will probably be someone who already has a fix. If you are willing to spend $1500, buy the Creality K1 or even the Creality K1 Max printer and save some money. Good luck!

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But, if you want a very high-end printer go with the MK4. But maybe wait 6 months or so before you buy the MMU and the enclosure so you can figure out the ins and outs of the printer. Also, if you plan to mostly print PLA, you won’t need an enclosure. I would not recommend the Bambu Lab x1 because it is closed source.

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