Z offset mistery


I’m a newbie with an Ender 3 S1 Pro. I have done all the bed leveling manually, and then auto, all by the book, and everything goes great. But everytime I try to print, the printer stays about 5mm above bed or more… I can’t understand. I am using almost 5mm of Z offset to compensate, and the print quality is exceptional, but is this normal? I dont like to set such a high offset in a brand new printer… what am I missing?

Thanks a lot in advance

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It could by the same thing that happend with my bl touch when you set the bl touvh to bed level it raises 5mm. Use this infomation as you will it could be the problem it might not be.
Hope this helps

Thanks man! How did you solve it?

I had to level the bed and than raise it down 5mm so that it was actually at 0 in the z direction. Then do the z offset and that kind of thing. Also when doing the z offset make sure that the bed is manually leveled too.
Glad it helped.